February 23, 2023

Central Coast Labor MPs joined Labor’s Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen to announce that a Minns Labor Government will provide $8m over 4 years to Central Coast Council to fund vital footpaths across the Central Coast.

 This funding is part of Labor’s commitment to Active Transport and will support Central Coast Council’s Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plan (PAMP[i]) and Bike Plan.

 The PAMP contains a prioritised schedule of 1114 footpath projects and costings.  The total cost of the PAMP is estimated at $74.2M (2019).  However, schedule 1 priority works account for only $9M of this.

 The report suggests a program budget of $2M per annum would allow one-third of the complete program to be delivered within ten years incl. all priority works.[ii]

 The funding will consist of regular and recurring expenditure of $2m a year to Central Coast Council that will support its PAMP report.

 Residents Owen and Lucy who navigate a pram with a young child and two dogs around Wyoming, know too well what this funding will achieve, having to currently use the roadway for their travels:

 “This is a fantastic announcement for the whole community which is long overdue.  It will particularly enable parents with prams, children and the elderly to safely navigate our streets,” said Owen.

 Jo Haylen MP, Shadow Minister for Transport:

 “Every community in NSW deserves safe walking and cycling infrastructure. Being able to easily walk to your local shops or your kids being able to ride to school shouldn’t be a privilege. It should be something everyone is able to enjoy.”

 “That’s why Labor will support the Central Coast’s public access and mobility plan with $8m to deliver better footpaths and cycleways all along the coast.”

 David Harris MP, Shadow Minister for the Central Coast:

 “Local residents are constantly raising the issue of the need for footpaths particularly connecting schools and transport. This funding will enable Council to better target “missing links” in the Wyong Electorate.”

 Yasmin Catley MP, Member for Swansea:

 “The local community frequently raises with me the need for more footpaths on the Coast.

 This funding will deliver exactly that and make our communities more accessible for everyone.”

 David Mehan MP, Member for The Entrance:


“Our community will benefit significantly from this windfall of funding to Central Coast Council.”

 “This funding will ensure that essential footpath projects which would have been put on the backburner are completed sooner rather than later.”

 Liesl Tesch MP, Member for Gosford:

 “Families across the Coast have been crying out for pathways and active transport infrastructure for so many years. This funding will finally put shovels in the ground and get footpaths built right across the Coast.”

 Sam Boughton, Labor Candidate for Terrigal said:

 “One of the most common things that residents complain to me about when doorknocking is the lack of footpaths across the Central Coast.

 I think it’s great that Labor has announced a plan to address this issue.”

Date: 23 February 2023

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