Press release


August 15, 2022

Member for The Entrance, David Mehan, is pleased that Central Coast Council has agreed to his request to coordinate and convene a meeting regarding flood management around Tuggerah Lakes.

The meeting, due to be held at the end of August, will involve local representatives and responsible agencies, and follows on from a similar successful meeting held following the 2020 flood.

Mr Mehan said that after the experience of four significant floods in the past three years and noting the most recent flood peaked at 1.72m which was higher than any other flood since 2007, a review of preparedness was appropriate.

Changes made to local flood arrangements following the 2020 meeting have improved our flood response and include an updated local flood plan; new flood warning levels and an arrangement in place to open the channel.

However, Mr Mehan noted reports that residents around the Lake had not received evacuation orders and the breakdown of telecommunications towers in the Wyong valley meant that all agencies needed to determine what they could do to improve our flood response.

“Given that significant flooding events have now been experienced around the Lake on four occasions during the last three years, it’s appropriate we review what we have done and consider what we can do to improve our flood response.”

 “Council have been vital in co-ordinating these meetings and should be acknowledged for their continued efforts in assisting with improving our flood response.”