I'm your new Labor voice for the state seat of The Entrance. The sitting member, Grant McBride, is retiring at the next election and a rank and file ballot of party members chose me to replace him. I'm asking you to put aside the nonsense we all know has occurred in Macquarie Street because locally Labor has delivered for the Central Coast and this electorate.

I am a geologist by profession and I currently work in the superannuation industry. I am very much involved in our local community be it coaching junior football, serving as treasurer of Central Coast Tenants Advice & Advocacy Service or helping improve working conditions with my colleagues at Central Coast Unions.

I'm a father of three and I live at Ourimbah. I want to secure the future of all out children with more jobs on the Coast and continued investment in the education and services which will ensure they all get an equal start in life.

I need your support. Please contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Your sincerely,